Lee Gaston

Always a lover of clothing and fashion, Lee Gaston started Bessie Blue in 2007 to fill a void that was wide open in the world of women’s clothing. She incorporated her passion for style and trends into everyday wear. Lee’s concept for Bessie Blue was to sell the clothing women regularly reach for each day, their go-to pieces, their ol’ faithfuls. She wanted to sell quality and timeless pieces that coordinate easily, and make closets a happier place. There is no shortage of high-end boutiques that sell specialty pieces at specialty prices, but Lee provided a little fashion oasis for “real women” with real bodies and busy lives.

Lee strives to create special relationships with her customers. It is crucial that her business be part of a greater community and human experience, one in which people interact face-to-face despite the fast paced digital age we live in. Named after her beloved and ever stylin', Grandma Bess from New York City, Lee prides herself on running a female owned and operated small business that Grandma Bess would have been proud of!

Ashley Golden

Ashley Golden has been the Manager of Bessie Blue since its inception in 2007. Instantaneous friends, ‘Ash’ and Lee immediately bonded while working together at another company. There was no doubt that they would move forward as a team in their next adventure in the world of fashion. Ashley grew up in Kenya and has travelled the world extensively. Her understanding and appreciation of other cultures has given her a keen buying eye and sense of style. Ashley’s kind and gentle way always creates a warm and inviting environment when you pop in for a visit. Ash is also Bessie’s Denim Master. You need a great fitting pair of jeans? Come see Ashley!

Cathy Blume

Cathy Blume has worked at Bessie Blue for almost a decade! Cathy is Bessie Blue’s Senior Sales Stylist. Cathy’s love of clothing and accessories began before she could even walk and her strength is finding the right style for each individual. From a tailored shirt to studded combat boots, Cathy’s appreciation for the eclectic and unique allows her to style and accessorize like nobody’s business. Formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and informally trained through years in the furniture and fashion industry, Cathy’s taste is impeccable. Don’t be shocked to find Cathy wearing the most outrageous combinations and totally rockin’ it!